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Weaving and structure of Khesh saris

Amongst other traditional saris of Bengal, Khesh saris of Bengal are unique in weaving and structure. Santiniketan set the tradition of ...

Your Trusted Online Saree Seller Bursana weaves Tradition

Bengal is never restricted within the borders and the rich Bengali culture & heritage stretch beyond the boundaries. Bursana, your most trusted .....

Stylise Your Khesh Saree Look Perfectly: Know How

The elegance and appeal of the Khesh Sarees of Bengal not only depend on how you wear or carry it; but also on how you accessorize yourself.

Linen Saree : Comfort and Fashion

Linen is highly absorbent of heat and perspiration and the garment feels cool to the touch.Linen reflects heat better too so that one feels cooler in hot and humid climate.

Colours And Passion Weaved In The Khesh Sarees of Bengal

Never let the surprises go away from your life. Live with surprises and enjoy every colour coming randomly in your life. Give a chance to the colourful gorgeous Khesh sarees to adore your beuaty with passion. Now Khesh saree online shopping

The Story of Ghicha Sarees : Tradition and Trend

Get ready for your next occasion, look gorgeous and never miss the chance of adding pure Ghicha silk Sarees to your wardrobe. Look like a Diva by teaming up with designer blouse, and heavy jewellery.